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A Bikini or A One-piece Swimming Suite

What makes you the most frustrated when choosing the right swimming suite? The answer is whether to choose a sting bikini or one particular bathing suit. Don’t think too much. The answer is the one that suit you the most effective. A sexy sting bikini can exhibit one’s figure, but the one with a single part may make look better.

What your aim at is to look pretty among others who are also in swimming suit. If you want to be classy and elegant, a designer bikini which would display your own chests with added assist should a wise selection. Apart from halter sexy bikinis, your must have a try on item suite which can create your a charming woman.

Enjoy Your Summertime Together with Maternal Bikinis

What a wonderful sunny summer day! What a relaxed sun bath on the beach? What if you are a mother-to-be? Never mind! Just enjoy the sunshine with a cotton maternal Bikini suit.

The sexy bikinis for the mother-to-be are a little different that it will accommodate your current condition. Some maternal bikinis can be put on and just cover your stomach range. Some may be underneath the tummy. If you are looking for some bikinis that can present you waistline, you may need to wear your bikini beneath your abdomen.

Maternal bikinis can be made of a variety of materials similar to ordinary swimsuits. Among various material, cotton is the most common material with satisfaction.

You can also get natural cotton constructed maternity bikinis that feature several lycra within the natural cotton blend. This can be a great selection because it allow your own bikini to grow along with your belly but it won’t destroy its form and keep the protective ability for mildew for your form

Be careful not to choose a substance that is certainly also tight on your current belly. It does no good to constrict you growing belly.



Women’s Secret Catalog for Summer 2012

Girls, summer is right here. And so if you have not bought your swimwear this summer, now it’s time for you to take a look at this women’s secret catalog for summer 2012 in order to have a fresh mind to make your final decisions on bikinis purchases.


It has been a general consensus that the fashion style nowadays is more retro than ever, which means that there’s a coming back of vintage-flavored items. And that is why this special women’s secret catalog is characteristically featured by bustier and panty high bikinis.


At the same time, bikinis in animal prints will also remain with us because of their presentation of extreme wildness and exoticness.


Some other items like trikinis and floodlights, which are both plain and patterned, are included in this catalog. They sailor style is also present in this collection.


The solid colors do not disappear from this season. Actually, they are in vogue right now! If you love this style, you can always resort to this type of bikini. You can imagine how amazing and sexy you will look when your wear a piece of solid red bikini to hit the beach! 

Bikini Trends: Bandeau

Bandeau bikinis are perhaps one of the most fashionable look for this summer. Brands like Jolidon and Luli Fama have already released their bikinis collections.


Many bandeau bikinis fall into a strapless type, but you can also wear pieces with straps to achieve a different stylish look and gain more attentions.

pily q swimwear bombshell bandeau

Some other pieces of bandeau styles have under-wires, which is very great if it happens that you need an extra boost of support. Best of all, you can really forget all about those annoying tanning lines in a bandeau bikini. Bandeau bathing suits can be either padded or unpadded.


One should choose the padded tops so as to better flatter the shape of your bust and highlight your curves. Various bandeau bikinis can work for different body shapes. So say if you fall into the type that have deeps in the center, then the bandeau makes you appear fuller on top. Similarly, twisted bandeau tops help create sex curves.

So just go and hit the beach with bandeau bikinis. 

Jolidon Fashion Swimwear 2012

It is recommended that you should really buy pieces of the Jolidon swimwear collection. These bikinis pieces range from sport patterns to floral designs. You are sure to pick out one that you like.

Peach  Underwire Swimsuit

Some of the fine items in this bikini collection send out a strong sense of elegance, because they come studded in Swarovoski crystals and adored with metallic finishes. Many of the Jolidon bikinis come with removable padding to help create the perfect and most fitted bikinis tops.

Featured by push-up cups and dramatic padding necklines, Jolidon bikinis collections are perfect for emphasizing. Jolidon designers use all kinds of patterns and designs: moderate, boyshort, or string tie coverage bottoms. 

Bikini Trends: Ruffles

To take a look at the fashion trends in bikinis 2012, and you will find that the use of ruffles is really in vogue. Actually, ruffles have now been widely used in apparel on the runway.

Bikinis with ruffles can really enhance the bust for small bust-lined girls. If you are petite, then ruffled bikinis can help to create some volume for the eye to take in, which gives the beautiful illusion of a curvier body.

ruffleв bikini

Bikinis bottoms with ruffles also give the illusion of a bigger rear. For ruffle tops that have V-neck cups, they create a even better illusion of a larger bust and look very cute.

So why not add some ruffles to your bikinis? 

Benetton Swimwear Summer 2012 Collection

Benetton has just released a swimwear collection for summer 2012, characterized by the use of bright colors and bold designs——it is a collection dominated by floral and colored blocking. Now we will show you some pictures of the campaign costumes Benetton has presented for this summer 2012.


This Benetton swimwear ranges from very vintage triangle bikinis with straps to band costumes and also some push-ups as well. Some other pieces included in this collection are sarongs and beach bags.

Benetton swimwear summer 2012 collection

For bold women, they can choose the chic ones that are featured by many extravagant fantasies, because every piece of this bikini collection can make you look more vigorous and energetic.


These models really look fascinating and charming. The brand closes this collection with some fabulous accessories from the sea, such as kaftans to well match the costume. 

Parah Swimsuits summer 2012

The brand Parah is usually famous for its elegant and high quality, which is also proved by the Parah Summer 2012 collection recently released. Each item of this collection is elegant, unique and comfortable. The use of various lines is a characteristic feature of this collection!

Parah swimsuits Summer 2012

Matisse line is widely used in this Parah swimsuit collection featuring super colorful printed patterns.

The use of color in Matisse lines is very intense. Usually these lines are inspired by illuminated images and anti-naturalistic designs. So they take the form of waves. With multicolor ribbon embroidery on the neckline of bikinis, this collection enhances charm a lot.

Also there is carioca line which is characterized by a cascade of studs. This design can really show a feeling of ethnic and exoticness. The dominant colors are powder pink, gray, red and green.

So go bold to hit the beach this summer 2012 with Parah swimsuits. 

Blugirl Swimwear Summer 2012

For this summer 2012, Blugirl presents a series of swimwear featuring fanciful and imaginative prints and designs. There’s something for everyone in the new collection of Bulgirl swimwear 2012. Now we will have a look at some photos from the catalog of new collection of swimsuits.


Models wearing Bulgirl bikinis really hit the beach. Bikinis with romantic floral prints, polka dots and stripes style fifties, abstract patterns are all very eye-catching.

The whole collection looks very fresh and youth for the summer 2012. And a shining feature of these bikinis is the use of floral prints which fall into a variety of bright colors.


So are you ready for summer? And by now you really should be! So do choose a piece of bikini that will flatter your outfit for a dazzling summer vacation!

Stylish Bikinis 2012—-Vintage Bikinis

To take a look at the latest trends in 2012, and you will find that vintage trend is really a big heat for fashion designers. And it’s sure that vintage bikinis are really in vogue.

This summer 2012, the retro-style of swimwear is relevant more than ever. Some of the trendiest models include solid broad-strapped or even strapless swimwear in a vintage style. Also, bikinis with closed top and a high waistline of pants are very popular.

Like many other clothes, the vintage is very chic. For designers of bikinis, they do not want to take away the sexiness of bikinis. Instead, they would like to add different prints and patterns to make them look more unique and sexy. So it is not surprising that ruffles and lace are added into designs of bikinis to send out a stronger sexy and feminine flavor.

You can find the following features in bikinis 2012:

• Full tops
• Boy leg bottoms
• Higher waist
• Cinched waist
• Halters
• Higher necklines

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